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In this issue of the journal (No. 2 (35), 2020) you can find the following interesting studies:
Eynulla Madatli, Arash İftikhari (Azerbaijan) “Iran’s attitude to patriotic war of Azerbaijan: traditional approach and new realities”, Kerem Karabulut (Turkey)
“The socio-economic effects of the pandemia process”, Etibar Najafov (Azerbaijan) “Anti-semitism: essence, historical forms and current state”, Ali Ibrahimov (Azerbaijan) “Philosofhical approach to god, homeland and human understanding in Ramiz Rovshan`s poetry” Birgit Biehl (Germany) “The ethics of the use of the new technology”, Naila Asadova (Azerbaijan) “The post-modern paradigm and its main historical forms”, Mahmud Haydar (Lebanon) “Sadraddine al Shirazi’s approach to the Koran. The perfect wisdom in the transcendent philosophy”, Halima Gafarova (Azerbaijan) “The problem of socio-philosophical reflection in modern period”, Seysenbay Kudassov, Maksad Alipkhan (Kazakistan) “Thoughts of the wise hikar and Abai about morality”, Vahid Akayev (Russian Federation) “Naqshbandiyya tarikat in Dagestan and Chechnya: mysticism, ghazavat and muridism”. Orkhan Naghiyev(Azerbaijan) “The question of political morality in ancient Greek philosophy”, Emil Kazimov (Azerbaijan) “Modern international relationship with globalization”,
İrada Zargan (Azerbaijan) “About Arzu Ashraf Haciyeva’s work “Azerbaijani thinkers in the context of time: hermeneutical experiences”.

In this issue of the journal (No. 1 (34), 2020) you can find the following interesting studies:
Azer Mustafaev. National traditions and Azerbaijani culture     
Fuzuli Gurbanov. The difficult problem of consciousness: in the prism of the communicative aspect of the post-neoclassical approach       
Ilbar Ortayli. Transformation in Turkish Islamic history
Arzu Hajiyeva. Eternal return of the same life:  Nietzsche’s revelation
Aytek Mammadova. About great scientists and philosophies of the eastern world
Faig Alakbarli. Azerbaijani philosophical idea in Hussein Baykara’s works
Imre Istvan Pachai. Altai motifs in Hungarian fairy tales
Radif Mustafaev. The attitude of Abu Nasr al-Farabi to the "Poetics" by Aristotle in the medieval Muslim East

In this issue of the journal (No. 2 (33), 2019) you can find the following interesting studies:

Rafail AHMEDLY(Azerbaijan) “Social and political views of İmadeddin Nasimi”
Paul BALLANFAT (Turkey) “Descartes et l’argument ontologique”
Oljas SULEYMENOV (Kazaxstan) “A falcon over the pyramid(Turks in ancient Egypt)”
Mouloud KHALFALLAH (Algerie) “The influence of islamic philosophy on the formation of the enlightenment in İndia”
Vusala GULMALIYEVA (Azerbaijan) “Notion “peace”: historical and modern approaches”
Bogdana TODOROVA (Bulqaria) “Contemporary challenges before philosophy nowadays”
Albena NAKOVA (Bulgaria) “National identity and the attitude towards “the other”/ “the stranger”. The two faces of contemporary bulgarian society”
Rashad ASKEROV(Azerbaijan) “Tendencies in development of  philosophical thought in Soviet Azerbaijan”
Samira HABIBEYLI (Azerbaijan) “Azerbaijan – Georgia ties in field of energy system”
Yelena EVSTIFEEVA,Svetlana FILIPPCHENKOVA,Andrey KHARCHENKO (Russia) “Self-concept transformation in mobility practices: the risk of taking responsibility”
Natavan NAJAFOVA(Azerbaijan) “Formation of children, deprived of parental care, as active members of the society in the context of sociological research”
Shahla ABDULLAYEVA(Azerbaijan) “Ethical fashion and its features”
Fazil ZEYNALOV (Azerbaijan) “Sovereignty in the process of globalization”

In this issue of the journal (No. 1 (32), 2019) you can find the following interesting studies:

Aytek MAMMADOVA The great genius of Azerbaijan who left sign in the history of world culture
Nizami MAMMADOV (Russia) Сulture in the era of globalization
Naila ASADOVA Aesthetic thinking of new times and its attributive expression in the context of western culture
Zaïm KHENCHELAOUI (Algérie) Houroufisme, gnose et alchimie en İslam: perspectives epistemologiques
Abulfaz HUSEYNOV Modern ideas of scientific knowledge
Alessandro FIGUS (Italy) Beyond cultural identity, migration and nationalism

In this issue of the journal (No. 2 (31), 2018) you can find the following interesting studies:

Zakir MAMMADOV The great philosopher of the eastern world - Siradjeddin Urmavi;
Sakit HUSEINOV The place and role of environmental safety in ensuring national security;
Hikmat VAZIROV, Fikrat VAZIROV-KANGARLI The problems of relevance category in philosofy and sociology;
Kamran ISMAYILOV The historical and cultural and spiritual foundations of azerbaijanism;
Aytek MAMMADOVA Philosophy of panteism İmadaddin Nasimi in the work of Zakir Mammadov;

In this issue of the journal (No. 1 (30), 2018) you can find the following interesting studies:

Eynulla MADATLI Heydar Aliyev’s personality: boundless attractive power and political wisdom;
Afag RUSTAMOVA National consciousness and national mentality: mutual influence of issues;
Eyyub KERIMOV Tolerance in the context of democracy of the modern Azerbaijani society;
Nazila MAMMADOVA Evolution of the concept of social justice;
Muslim NAZAROV Postnon-classical epoch and the idea of education;

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