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    INSTRUCTION FOR AUTHORS                                                                       


The authors of the article are informed that the work on each article consists of several stages. If during the initial review it is concluded that the article has no scientific value, then the author is quickly informed. If the article is of interest, reviewers are assigned and sent for anonymous review for review. The article is evaluated by two experts. The article is checked without taking into account the status, affiliation and other personal data of the authors of the article, the review procedure usually takes 2-3 months. After a detailed analysis of the article, the editors send comments, notes and comments to the authors about the status of the article.

Comments include notes on the status of the article:
- small adjustments are needed;
- the article needs to be revised in detail;
- it is refused to be published.

The reasons for refusing to publish an article can be different:
- There are no scientific innovations in research;
- The study was copied from other scientific papers or plagiarism was detected;
- The literature is not detailed enough and does not provide a solid theoretical basis for the article, preference is given to old literature, and references to new literature are in the minority.
- The work was methodologically incorrect, the article was structured inaccurately, there are significant deviations from the academic style of the article.

It is recommended to take into account the recommendations of the reviewers as much as possible. If the authors of the article do not agree with any criticism of the reviewers, they can substantiate their opinion and invite them to the editorial office. The editors reserve the right to agree or disagree with these views.
If one of the reviewers is in favor of the publication of the article, and the other is against, the editor of the journal makes the final decision.


Requirements of the Supreme Attestation Commission under the Azerbaijan Republic President to be fulfilled at acceptance of the articles comprising the basic conclusions of the theses by the scientific editions recommended for publication
1. Articles should be submitted in Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish, English languages in printed form and electronic version. In addition to the article written in one language, two summaries of it in other languages are to be presented. It is recommended to present an 8-10 page articles and summary in 5-8 lines.
2. Summaries to articles in different languages should be identical and in conformity with the contents of the article. The articles should be carefully edited from the scientific and grammar point of view.
3. There should be references to the scientific sources connected to the theme. Literature list cited at the end of the article is to be given either alphabetically or numbered in order of reference to literature met in the text, as for instance (1) or (1, p.119). If in the article there are met the repeated references to one and the same literature, this literature should be given under the previous number.
4. Article is to be discussed in a chair or department where the author works, an extract from the minutes is to be submitted to the editorial board.
5. Text of the articles in Azerbaijani should be typed by Latin alphabet, in Russian – by Cyrillic alphabet, in English – by English alphabet (USA), Times New Roman – 14 font, 1,5 line spaced.
6. Articles may be submitted to the press after receiving the secret reference on the side of the branch editor or an expert from the members of the editorial staff.
7. In conclusion of the article the scientific innovation of the work, importance of applying, economic advantage corresponding to the scientific field and character of the work should be clearly indicated.
8. In every article the indices of UDC and PACS type, as well the keywords in three languages should be indicated.
9. In article an author's name, surname, his work and home addresses and e-mail are to be indicated.
10. In Literature List the preference should be given to references from the articles, monographs and oth. written for last 5-10 years.
11. In the journal there is a room for the articles coming in from the different countries of the world with advanced science.
12. The journal publishes only those articles which are in conformity with its profile.
Articles not meeting the above mentioned reguirements are not accepted by the editorial board
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